What to Wear – Pistachio Green

Have you heard? Apparently pistachio green is THE color of spring, 2013. It’s a bright, minty green and goes well with neutrals, metallics, and even coral if you’re daring – see below! We were up skiing over the weekend and on the second day we were very cliche and while the men skied, my mom,Continue reading “What to Wear – Pistachio Green”

What to Wear – Business Event

I had an event to go to for work Monday night and I didn’t want to wear a tired old suit so instead, I jazzed up a cute black jumper.  It was still conservative enough for the type of event I was attending, but it allowed me to add some flare and personality.  Here isContinue reading “What to Wear – Business Event”

What to Wear – J.Crew Sequin Birds Top

I have been obsessed with J.Crew’s sequin birds top since it came out. Sadly, it’s sold out online, but I found it on clearance (sale on sale) at one of their stores recently. I thought I’d put together an outfit based on this interesting tee. 1. J. Crew sequin birds top; 2. Madewell denim jacket;Continue reading “What to Wear – J.Crew Sequin Birds Top”

What to Wear – Any Season

I found this great skirt on clearance at Banana Republic recently – cotton, navy with cream stripes – and I had to have it.  I thought it would be great for our trip to Puerto Rico, and it was!  But then when we got home from vacation and I hadn’t totally unpacked I put itContinue reading “What to Wear – Any Season”

Couple Things…

Since we’ll be stuck inside all weekend with this crazy “epic” snowstorm coming our way, we decided to head out last night to run errands and grab dinner.  We tried Bobby’s Burger Palace – delicious!  And if you like onion rings, they are out of this world.  We’ll be back! Have a great weekend, hereContinue reading “Couple Things…”