Couple Things…

Since we’ll be stuck inside all weekend with this crazy “epic” snowstorm coming our way, we decided to head out last night to run errands and grab dinner.  We tried Bobby’s Burger Palace – delicious!  And if you like onion rings, they are out of this world.  We’ll be back!

Have a great weekend, here are some fun links:

I gave you a Valentine’s outfit idea yesterday, here are a few more from Anthropologie

New collaboration between L.A.M.B. and Burton – I will be SO fashionable on the slopes next season!

Can you imagine walking into this Paris Time Capsule Apartment after it’s been locked for 70 years? Check out the Mickey Mouse in the second image.

The Anchorman Sequel keeps getting better and better

I was searching Amazon for bibs for our baby the other day and came across this…for those that know how often I stain my clothes, I may just get one…

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