Off to Nursery School

We had the big first day of nursery school this week. I could tell my Z was slightly intimidated at the thought of going to “skewl” as we got closer and closer to the date of the first day. One comforting thing for her (and me) is that kids don’t need to be 100% potty trained yet at her school, but they gently push them into going on the potty. And let me tell you – we could use a little help in that department because our Z has had less than no interest lately in going on the potty. Enter Pull-ups. At the first Parents Meeting on the eve of the first day, I confirmed with Z’s teacher that it would be a good idea to send her in a Pull-Up to make trying on the potty even easier.


So we picked up a package of Pull-Ups with her favorite Disney characters on them (she loves Doc McStuffins, who doesn’t?) and she wore it under her first day of school outfit.


I even packed an extra in her tiny backpack, I mean – there was nothing else in there anyway.


The next step we took to potty train her was to sign up for the Pull-Ups Big Kids Academy! It’s a great support system for parents in the potty training process no matter what stage you’re in (thinking about when to start, trying to potty train, or nearly potty trained). Plus there are fun activities and celebrations for your kids. Enroll now and wish us luck on the road to potty training our Z!

*Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Pull-Ups, I received compensation and goods for this post, however all above opinions and thoughts are my very own. Pull-ups are a potty training necessity, we all know that. Thanks for supporting Styled by Jess by clicking through the link(s) above – please and thank you!

One thought on “Off to Nursery School

  1. We are in the exact same stage of potty training. I will definitely look up the Pull-Ups Big Kids Academy. My biggest fear is taking her to public restrooms when we are at public parks, which is almost every evening after school. But I need to get over it : )


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