Couple Things…


We had a good week here, finally getting back into our routine after the highs and lows of our summer. Our Z starts school next week so I’m trying to savor the days with both my babies at home with me, however few there have been.  My Z is the most outgoing, friendly toddler I know so we think she’s going to just love school. I wonder if I’ll be a teary mom at drop-off the first official day…I guess we’ll see! I think Baby M will enjoy the one on one time, I notice during her naps when we hang together I seem to get extra smiles and giggles. I’ll be sure to share some first day photos next Friday, but today I leave you with just one photo from our week. We made a batch of the most amazing giant chocolate chip cookies (I just searched my archives to link to the recipe but I guess I’ve never blogged about these amazing cookies – next time!) as part of a thank you gift to the neighbor who drove me to the hospital when I had my accident. I saved some dough for Z to make her favorite M&M cookies, how could I not? She had a tough time waiting until they were cool to try one…


Have a great weekend everyone!

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