7 Facts About Me

There’s a fun little game making its way around the blog world asking bloggers to post 7 facts about themselves. I was nominated by the lovely Carolina of Mama Instincts – have you read her blog where she writes about her motherhood journey and healthy lifestyle? If not, you should! She shares TONS of helpful information and photos of her sweet daughter. Anyway…here goes!


1. I handmade our wedding invitations – all 102 of them. You know I’m a crafter but making my own wedding invitations was slightly over the top, no? Anyway, I loved how they came out so it was worth all time it took to stamp, emboss, tape, print, fold, and stuff. And if you got one in the mail, I certainly hope you saved it – ha!

2. I had an all black cat named Silky growing up that I lovvvvved. He was the sweetest most affectionate cat ever, no cat will ever be the same (sorry Maxine). He was an indoor cat that occasionally escaped and when he did, I would get so upset. He always came back though, even the time he was gone for like a month and he came back in the middle of the night, mewing at my sister’s 2nd floor bedroom window outside on the roof.

3. I have an addiction to iced tea lemonade, aka Arnold Palmers. Specifically the shaken iced tea lemonade from Starbucks. It’s so refreshing with a slight sweetness from the lemonade! Add a shot of vodka or even iced tea vodka and you have an awesome cocktail.

4. I’ve never seen Star Wars. Any of them. And I don’t plan on ever seeing them.

5. I can’t dive. I used to take swim lessons so I don’t know if I always missed the day when they taught you how to dive but I never learned how. I even had a pool growing up and would occasionally try but it always ended with a face slap of water as I fell in.

6. I am a horrible speller. I am constantly relying on automatic spell check to correct my spelling while typing something. And if I’m really unsure before I send a tweet or write a hand written note I’ll Google the word. Sometimes I’ll ask my husband, but his spelling isn’t much better than mine and then I’ll end up Googling the word anyway.

7. I’ve always been obsessed with taking photos. I was always the one with the camera at every event even when cameras had actual film in them and I have dozens of old photo albums in our basement FILLED with photos from every part of my life. Even now, I take so many photos that I can’t have much else on my iPhone because most of my memory is taken up by photos. It was inevitable that I would have a blog where I share tons of photos, right?


Phew, done – that was actually kind of fun! I nominate some other blogs that are my daily reads:

Mree from TwinLiving

Tine from Rules for the Modern Girl

Hilary and Jessica from Domestic Bliss Squared


Ps. My Z has recently started taking my phone to take pictures and the one above she took of me earlier this week as I was trying to get her dressed.

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