Christmas Finally Arrived at our House!

The weekend after Thanksgiving we were too busy (and I got sick, boo!) to get our tree and officially start our Christmas season. SO! This weekend we went full force into holiday mode and I thought I’d share some of it with you…


We kicked off our Christmas-y weekend by seeing our fave mall Santa on Friday night. My Z is very scared of Santa still (just wait until she knows what his deal is) and 0ur photo last year was of her screaming. We were strategic this year and planned to go with my sister and her kids so Z could ease into it…and we got a smile for 1.2 seconds! The elf photographers are good and they managed to capture that quick smile, thanks elves!


Saturday we went and got our Christmas tree at a local Garden Store that had a balloon artist, Santa, hot chocolate and a petting zoo – it was great! Although my Z took one look at Santa, turned to me while pointing to him, looked me in the eye and said “NOoooo!” See, we were really lucky Friday night to get that smile…


We quickly found our tree – look at it, perfect! Although seeing my Z’s face it looks like she didn’t agree that this tree was the one.


After we got the tree, we saw that our town was having a tree lighting so we did the only thing you can do when you learn such a thing….stopped at Starbucks for hot chocolate and watched the lights turn on!


The next day was spent decorating the tree and listening to Christmas tunes on Pandora and this little lady hasn’t really moved from this spot since.



We also made a little gingerbread house – we got this kit from Trader Joe’s because I love that it’s a little ski chalet-looking gingerbread house, right? And it was only $8. *Note, I added some of my own candy as the front walk and bushes in the front.

Merry Christmas season – it’s my fave!!

3 thoughts on “Christmas Finally Arrived at our House!

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  2. Stopping by from the NE Bloggers link up – your house looks fantastic!! And I just love your gingerbread house! We didn’t get the chance to do one this year.


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