Party Salad

Now that it’s officially the holiday season I thought I’d share the BEST salad to make for a crowd. I will state up front that I can take no credit for this salad. This is my Aunt Joan’s famous party salad, I don’t know how often she makes it but I do know she serves it at family gatherings are her house and I just love it. I asked her one year how to make it and she chuckled as she told me the secret of just how easy this delicious salad is to make. And now I’ve been making it to serve at parties ever since!

We had a little friends-giving last week and we served it then and I realized it was high time to share this “recipe” with you. I know you have some holiday parties this season, so volunteer to bring the salad and whip up this Aunt Joan Party Salad!


Mix all ingredients in a bowl, toss with dressing. I don’t know what dressing my Aunt Joan uses specifically, but we really love this salad with Brianna’s Blush Wine Vinaigrette. Also, the candied pecans (or walnuts can be used) are a must! Candied pecans are a little tricky to find by Trader Joe’s sells them (they are wayyyy on the bottom shelf in our store, almost hidden). Enjoy!

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