Z Style

So, I kinda love to dress my little Z – that’s probably pretty obvious. But, she’s always on the move and moving rather quickly for that matter, so it’s hard for me to take photos that really show her outfits that I put together. I decided it would be fun to once in a while show you a little Z style. I don’t buy her ready-made outfits per se (like the leggings that specifically match the tunic) but rather a mix of neutral basics with fun pops of color that can be intermixed with everything. Make sense? Then I can buy fewer clothes but still mix it up so she’s not wearing the same thing every day. Have I mentioned she’s always moving? I like to dress her in comfy movable clothes too because she’s always running, climbing, and we go to the playground at least 1x/day (what will I do this winter?!).


For the first Z style I wanted to share one of my faves. I should also mention I don’t really like to dress her pink – and that’s hard to do. When did it become nearly mandatory for girls to only wear pink? Uch. Don’t get my wrong, she does have pink but it’s usually the accent color of an outfit or socks.

Chambray shirt Zara, similar (from the boys department – don’t you love that elbow patch?), Vest from Old Navy (old, bought on clearance this summer), Leggings from American Apparel, Knee socks (it’s cold here already!) from Old Navy, and shoes by Livie & Luca.

Thanks for letting me share my Z style with you!

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