Vacation Memory Collage


Not all vacations are created equal. There are some where a souvenir t-shirt and/or magnet is all you  need for memories. But, there are some vacations that are so amazing, so memorable, so once-in-a-lifetime that they require something special. For me – that would be a childhood trip to Hawaii, a trip with my family to Vancouver and Whistler for an awesome ski trip, and of course – my French honeymoon with my husband!

Well, we had such a great time on our London/Scotland trip in June that I have been wanting to do something special to commemorate the trip. I decided to put a little photo collage together and show you how I did it.


You’ll need: Paper cutter, colorful paper to back the photos, vacation photos, photo corners, scissors, puffy tape, double sided sticky tape (I had tons of these squares leftover so I used them), memory box frame (not pictured), and a large sheet of paper for your background (see below).


Start by mounting your background paper. I suggest a map of where you were or a print that reminds you of the location – I found this sheet of London paper at the Paper Source, it’s a little busier than I would prefer, but I thought it was perfect to help commemorate our trip.


Mount the paper by folding the edges and taping on the back. Don’t forget to cut your corners so it folds smoothly.


No mount your photos. I used photo corners because I like the look, but you could just tape your photos to the paper. I start by putting the corners on just 2 corners of the photo (these photo corners just stick when dampened, so easy) and then add the last 2 to make sure they are straight. I used a paper cutter to trip the paper and just left a very small margin of red paper around each photo.


Voila! Repeat with each photo you’ll use. I like to use a few different sizes of photos to keep the collage interesting.


When you’ve mounted all your photos, lay them out on the background paper and when you like the set-up turn the photos over and put the puffy tape on back, flip over and tape on.


Last, I hand-wrote a little sign with the trip dates.


Put the frame back together and hang on your wall. What a great vacation memory!

PS. The beautiful Scottish Highlands are not represented in this collage because we had a couple amazing photos that were framed up on our frame collage wall all on their own!

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