Printic Photos

Are you addicted to Instagram? Do you have 1,000’s of photos on your phone? And they’re all great photos but just sitting on your phone? Well, I say yes to all 3 questions. So, I was excited when Printic reached out to me to let me know about their app. For just $1/photo (free shipping!!) you can print all your fave IG and phone photos.


So easy – you download the app, select your photos, and order. You can even add little captions at the bottom!


I ordered a few of my recent faves, but it was a hard choice – good thing they’re only $1/each. I got them like 2 days later and immediately hung them on my home office wall.


And they came in a cute little hand-stamped envelope!

*Disclaimer: I received complimentary goods for this post, however all above opinions and thoughts are my very own.

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