Purse Birthday Party

A theme had been decided. Invitations have been made and mailed. It is time to share my Z’s second birthday party theme with you…


I know I’ve told you how much my Z loves shoes, but she’s nuts for purses, too. And I thought while she still isn’t demanding princesses, pink, or any sort of character-themed birthday I am going to go to town on an original, colorful, and fun idea. Right?!

purse-party-card-2I made the invitation very simple this year to focus on the purse on the front (and I was running out of time). And used three fall colors that will be the party colors: orange, green, and a dark purple.


And I’ve been playing with some cute purse chocolate molds, too…

…more details and DIYs to come but it’s all about the purses!

Z’s first birthday invitation and party.

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