Wearing Fall Trends – Sweatshirts

Throughout August and September I did a series of fall trends posts for the current 2013 fall season. I shared with you fall trends that I like, would actually wear, and am actually wearing now that it is, in fact fall (calendar and temperature). So, I thought I’d revisit the series and show you how I am personally wearing some of the fall trends I wrote about.

First – I was psyched to jump into the fall trend of fancy sweatshirts. Not your standard average giant wear-to-the-gym-only sweatshirt. Rather: dolled up, embellished sweatshirts meant to be worn as a dressy top. I found this great Factory Beaded Sweatshirt from J. Crew Factory when the entire store was an additional 40% off.

fall-trend-sweatshirtsI am wearing it casually to the playground here…

fall-trend-sweatshirts-4…and dressed up with a collared shirt underneath here for a work day.

Are you wearing a dolled up sweatshirt this season?


ps. I hate posing for these outfit posts – I don’t know how you fashion bloggers do it!!

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