A Hike at Diana’s Baths

dianas-bath-nh (2)One of our fave fall activities is to drive up to North Conway, NH and go for a hike. Back in the day we went on actual hikes that went up a considerable hill, but now, having our Z, we’ve done our annual North Conway fall hike at Diana’s Baths (which is technically in Bartlett, NH, but anway…). Have you been? It’s more like a nature walk and totally perfect if you’re toting a little in an ergo or some sort of carrier.

dianas-bath-nh (1)This year, we had our Z in a great hiking backpack we inherited from my sister who inherited it from my aunt.

dianas-bath-nh (5)The scenery is spectacular – particularly if you go in the fall, look at those pops of color!

dianas-bath-nh (6)We did find a friendly young couple to snap a cute family photo, too.

dianas-bath-nh (7)Then it was hiking for all of us and Z stayed out of the backpack and walked the last 1/4 mile!

dianas-bath-nh (8)

Although, she mostly ran off and did her own exploring. What a fun fall morning!

dianas-bath-nh (4)And one of the actual falls. You have to check out Diana’s Baths!

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