Couple Things…


Building towers at 8am.

Apple crsip (trying to use all of our 20lbs of apples!)

Cute, girly party favors from my cousin’s baby shower!

Fully embracing fall by wearing my fave fall nail color: Chinchilly by essie.

Lesson learned: never leave your toddler alone with your CSA or she will bite every single tomato once.

I wore this cute pink top out to dinner with friends this week – I’m trying to show you the zipper down the entire back, love!

Just wanted to thank everyone for your super sweet and thoughtful comments this week – makes me grateful that people are reading and enjoying the content here! Have a great weekend!

2 thoughts on “Couple Things…

  1. That apple crisp looks so good! What time should I be over? ha!!

    Your daughter is too cute. I love the nail color.

    Have a great weekend!!

    Best, Mree


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