Fall Trend – Plaid

To be perfectly honest, I’m not sure how I feel about another fall trend I’ve been seeing around – plaid. See, in high school I wore a plaid uniform skirt every day. Every. Day. My only other uniform bottoms option was a pair of plaid dress shorts. You read right – dress shorts. Only these weren’t the modern-day, short, cute, dress shorts, these were old fashioned, knee-length pleated shorts and in all honesty they were actually plaid culottes.  Exactly.

Ok – either way, I was wearing plaid on the bottom every day of high school (minus a few uniform holidays every year) – that’s a lot of plaid. So, when I have been seeing plaid pop up everywhere this season, it’s with mixed emotions that I jump on this trend. I have searched high and low and have found a random assortment of acceptable-in-my-book plaid items for your viewing pleasure. And – because I’m in a sharing mood this week, I have also included a photo of an actual photo of me in my high school plaid. PS. there is no photographic evidence of me ever wearing the culottes so don’t even ask. =)


1. You already know how I feel about smoking slippers, so these Joie Pointed Toe Smoking Flats in Daydreaming Plaid from Bloomingdale’s are a plaid YES! 2. This Penfield Wayland Denim Trail Shirt from Madewell is adorable, just enough plaid to say you’ve participated in the trend. 3. I am sort of obsessed with iPhone cases so this cute blue plaid iPhone case from Society 6 totally made the list. 4. These kate spade Saturday Skinny Jeans in Painted Plaid are so cool, they don’t even count as traditional plaid. 5. Who could pass on these classic Ray-Ban – Original Wayfarer Sunglasses in Top Red with a little hidden plaid on the inside? Not me! 6. I had to include this Marc by Marc Jacobs Preppy Nylon Aimee Plaid Mini Natasha Bag – he is all over the plaid trend this season and used this class red plaid everywhere in his designs.


high-school.jpegSorry it’s so tiny (I have no photos of me in my uniform it turns out, I ripped apart the basement searching!) and I’m sitting on my car – that’s a story for another day! But, you get the idea of the plaid – plus I’m wearing knee socks guys.

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