Couple Things…


Candy Corn Oreos are back! We missed the boat last year so I was excited to come across a few remaining packages at my local Target.

I finally had some time to spend reading my September issue this week, have you finished yours?

New swinging method at the playground.

1) Scream-inducing spider. 2) I need to dust.

Z is starting gymnastics soon, she’ll obviously dress the part.

We got tons of varieties of peppers from our CSA this week including this tiny but potent chili pepper…salsa recipe on the blog next week!


Have a great weekend everyone!

6 thoughts on “Couple Things…

  1. I saw those oreos but as I am not a huge fan of candy corn I was hesitant to buy them – I just may now (if you say you like them!) Can’t wait to see how the salsa turned out xo


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