Couple Things…

Z-typingnewportri-yacht polka-dot-flower tomato-mozzarella

red-sox-game red-sox-game-1

This girl is obsessed with typing…I can only imagine why…

We saw this ginormous yacht parked in Newport over the weekend, it’s bigger than most homes. Can you imagine?

My Z and I took a long walk on Sunday and we loved this polka dot flower.

We got some really great tomatoes from our CSA this week so I had a colorful and delicious lunch all week!

My husband I were lucky enough to have a much needed date night last night so we headed to a Sox game.

We had to leave in the 8th inning to get home for the sitter when the score was 7-2…and of course they ended up coming back and winning 8-7!!


And just in case you haven’t heard, H&M is sold online now!  Including maternity, kids, and housewares!!! Happy shopping and have a great weekend!


One thought on “Couple Things…

  1. Um it seems like you had a pretty fantastic week lady! Love love love tomatoes (and all the ways I can eat them) – so happy you got some goodies! Wayy to excited about H&M now being available online 🙂


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