Taza Chocolate Factory


We find that our weekends can fill up really quick with Target trips, grocery shopping, and other general errand-running. So, lately, we’ve made it a point to have one weekend day be filled with a fun, local activity. A couple weekends ago we went to Assembled at Assembly Row – which was a great shopping and dining experience for our little family. This past weekend, we decided to take a tour of the local Taza Chocolate factory. It was SO fun (and tasty) I decided to share our morning with you.


You start your tour in the gift shop where there is an unlimited supply of tiny pieces of chocolate to taste with interesting flavors like salt & pepper, vanilla, and chipotle chili.



Then you start the tour which is very educational and takes you through the entire process of making chocolate as well as the history of this great local company. Taza Chocolate makes Mexican chocolate, which is a grittier chocolate than the normal European smooth chocolate we are used to. There are only about 50 employees at Taza Chocolate and some of the chocolates are still hand-wrapped before they are sold and shipped, can you imagine? It’s fun to see the machines used to make the chocolate and since you’re walking through the actual factory you have to wear a hair net, which our Z was obviously not thrilled with. But she sure does look cute!


Unlike me…whoa hairnet…



The factory is in Inman Square in Somerville and the 45-minute tours are $5 per person, children under 3 are free. We happened to find a Groupon for our tickets that came with a free circle of chocolate. Also note that strollers aren’t allowed, so strap that baby in your Ergo or whatever carrier you use!


Since we took the 10am tour, it ended in perfect timing for Sunday brunch so we grabbed breakfast at Sound Bites after on our way home. Fun Sunday!

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