J.Crew Collection Cafe Capri Pants in Beaded Medallion

I’m sorry, but have you seen these pants from J. Crew?


They’re pretty amazing, and I am devoting this entire blog post to them. They are $800 so I will definitely never own them, but I sure do think they are the most fabulous pants I have ever seen.



Close-up, you can see that their name is true. There is beading all over these J.Crew Collection Cafe Capri Pants in Beaded Medallion! You know I am a fan of beading and sequins, but I have never owned beaded pants. I think they would be amazing to wear to an event like a cocktail party where you don’t have to sit down. Wouldn’t beading on your bottom be slightly uncomfortable when you’re seated?

These pants are a silk-cotton faille and I would style them with a simple white tank, tucked in worn with a beautiful, bright yellow cashmere cardigan – if I’m wearing $800 pants, you bet I’m wearing cashmere! Then a bold pair of silver metallic strappy heals and a yellow-based patterned clutch. A girl can daydream, right?

I did find this great sweater with similar concept. It’s the J. Crew Jeweled Medallion Sweater, on double sale right now (it was cheaper in the store, btw – I ultimately paid $30 after all the discounts):

jcrew-jewelled-medallion-sweater-front jcrew-jewelled-medallion-sweater-back

3 thoughts on “J.Crew Collection Cafe Capri Pants in Beaded Medallion

  1. I thought the same thing when I first saw the close-up: How the heck do you sit down in those? Will we see a DIY post on how to bedazzle Z’s little leggings ? 🙂


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