Couple Things…


We went to Wagamama for noodles and they have the cutest kids menu. Z got the mini yaki soba and tried to use her chopsticks and didn’t end up getting anything in her mouth with them…but sure had fun trying.

Z and I had a little mommy/daughter brunch over the weekend while my husband golfed.

I got dolled up for the grocery store and wore my pistachio pants and peplum top…

..and a black J. Crew bangle with my daily jewelry.

We pulled up to the park for our Baby Bootcamp class and this scary creature landed on my mirror! I waited until he flew away to get out of the car.

I met friends for margaritas (and chips and salsa and quesadillas) last night – perfect end to the week!


Have a great weekend! And Happy Father’s Day to all the dad’s out there! Don’t forget my gift guide if you still need to find a gift and my bowtie card if you need to make your dad a card.


4 thoughts on “Couple Things…

    1. It was funny – and she never even got one noodle in her mouth. I think she’ll have to master the fork and then the chopsticks!

      We are headed out of town this weekend so I won’t see you! Have fun!


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