Father’s Day Bowtie Card


We were grocery shopping recently and stocking up on pasta. I was looking over all the shapes and in my head I thought “farfalle is so cute, little bowties!” My mind then immediately thought “bowties – man – father’s day – I should make a bowtie father’s day card!” Done, project idea created. And now you have a glimpse into my brain and how I come with some of my blog post ideas. Anyway – here is a really cute and simple Father’s Day card idea just in time to make for your dad this Sunday along with his gift!


You will need: farfalle (or bowtie) pasta, glue gun, paint brush, 3 different colors of paint (I am using white, blue, and black) a sharpie to match your paint, and card stock. I am using a photo card and silver paper.



First, paint your farfalle. You will need 3 pieces of pasta, paint each one a different color. Let dry completely.



While your pasta is drying, work on your card. Since I used a photo card, I wanted to write Happy Father’s Day all around the perimeter. I also wrote the famous quote “bowties are cool” to be underneath the pasta once it’s glued on.



Once the pasta is dry, glue in place with the glue gun. If you’re using a photo card like I did, slide your paper into the card first, then glue on your farfalle.



Personalize the inside for your Dad and done – cute bowtie Father’s Day card!

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