Hi, my name is Jess and I wear glasses. I am really a closet glasses-wearer as I am in contacts all day and only take them out to wear my glasses when I am home at night and in the morning before I put them in.

My glasses career started way back in 3rd grade where it was almost a requirement to be embarrassed that you had to wear glasses, and boy was I. It didn’t help that my first pair were transparent pink with pink and white stripes above the eye – even at 8 years old I knew they were lame. It wasn’t until middle school that I had no choice and had to wear them all the time to see properly but the frames never got better – I moved from transparent pink to thin maroon wire (I know…).

When I grew up and got more mature – in high school! is when I made the switch to contacts and never looked back (pun intended). I had a whole rebirth of my look once I was glasses free – I wore a little make-up, got highlights in my hair, lost a little weight – voila – I was the new me.

Well, now I’m older, and I’d kind of like to not have to put my contacts in every single morning, especially when Z gets me up super early and my eyes are just…tired. But, I was still the owner of some super lame-o frames, you know – the ones that are covered by your insurance plan? The interesting cute frames are never covered.

Well here is where I have another rebirth (in terms of glasses) to tell you about.  I got a little coupon from BonLook in my swag bag from the Style Summit I attended and I picked out the coolest hipster glasses for myself…


Kind of Jenna Lyons-like, no? They arrived earlier this week in a box filled with glitter as if they knew that this was cause for celebration:



Thanks BonLook and really, my eyes thank you too.

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