Wrap Dress

Boy, that Diane von Furstenberg sure did us all a favor inventing the wrap dress nearly 40 years ago. I have a couple wrap dresses that I don’t wear too much anymore now that I work from home. But, I had a meeting earlier this week and it was the perfect warm spring day so I pulled my cute little black polka dot wrap dress out to wear and remembered just how flattering and comfortable wrap dresses are. Wrap dresses have become a classic career-wear staple, thanks again Diane!

styled-by-jess-wrap-dress styled-by-jess-wrap-dress-2

Here are a few wrap dresses that are sure to make you look fab at work and super comfy to wear all day:


I had to start with a dress by DVF – a classic! This is the limited edition New Jeanne Two Dress. In fact, DVF has an entire Wrap Shop.


I love the colors of this Lauren Ralph Lauren Three-Quarter-Sleeve Patterned Matte Jersey wrap from Lord & Taylor too.


And this Alex & Ava Print Jersey Wrap Dress from Nordstrom is just adorable!


And this Oasis Butterfly Wrap Dress from Asos would be great for summer!

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