Couple Things…

Here’s a photo recap of our week:

black-beans-cilantro-queso-frescomexican-towel-1 mexican-towel-2trader-joes-cheesezoe-giant-yellow-tulipstyled-by-jess-shorts

Cinco de Mayo continued with jazzed up leftovers (this is black beans cooked with cilantro topped with crumbled queso fresco).

Z has been using this little Mexican towel for snack time picnics ever since I got it out for Cinco de Mayo.

Here is that towel again while we were snack picnicking in the living room (yes, Z is trying to eat her pear with her toes).

We also shopped at Trader Joe’s for fancy cheese.

Our Z is obsessed with this giant yellow tulip in our front yard, she *smells* it every time we get home from somewhere before we go inside.

It was warm enough for shorts early in the week!

Hope you have a great weekend and Mother’s Day! Here are some fun links:

Met Ball recap…and gallery of dresses.  I loved SJP’s interpretation of the punk theme, who doesn’t love a fax-hawk at a formal event?

And the cartoon version!

Here’s an interesting article if you ever wanted to know why some people remember dreams and some don’t (I always seem to remember snip-its of dreams)…

Once you make your own butter, you can shred it for easy spreading!

Sometimes I appreciate a good Game of Thrones episode recap, so much happens in 1 episode!

And here is the most wonderful indulgent gift you can give to a new mother…

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