Food Truck Lunch

Having no real plans today (which is a nice problem to have on a beautiful summer day!) my husband and I were looking for something to do in the city this afternoon. We found out about the Greenway Open Market (runs every Saturday July through mid-September) so we decided to check it out!

This market is an expansion of the SoWa Open Market. It was like a tinier version of SoWa filled with vendors with artisnal creations, lots of jewelry, clothing, organic cosmetics, etc… The best part of course were the food trucks we found. Thankfully we hadn’t eaten lunch yet.

I got the “Brie Me Up” sandwich from the Grilled Cheese Nation Food Truck – amazing! Thankfully the brie was pasteurized so my pregnant self could partake. The sandwich had brie with thinly sliced pear all on fresh Iggy’s bread. By this photo you can see the perfect level of melt they achieved with the cheese…yum…

My husband got 2 BBQ tacos from the BBQ Smith Food Truck. They had run out of all sandwiches so tacos were all that were left as an option, and thankfully so because my husband thought they were fantastic. He got one shredded beef and one pork, salsa verde on both, made with deliciously fresh ingredients.

All in all a great way to spend a summer Saturday afternoon…

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