Dinner, a Conert, and Some Blueberries

My husband has a knack for finding really great things to do while we’re on vacation. This week we’re in Newport, RI for another little summer getaway and my husband discovered it’s Bridge Week in Newport – meaning the week in between or “bridging” the Folk Festival weekend and the Jazz Festival weekend. Bridge Week offers lots of great music performances so we picked one and went!

We chose to go to a free concert at Sweet Berry Farm in Middletown, RI (the town next to Newport) where Rhode Island’s most famous Beatles cover band was performing – Abbey Rhode. Turns out Sweet Berry Farm has free concerts every Tuesday night in July and August where you can sit amongst the berry bushes, listen to the live music, and either buy their themed dinner or bring your own! And here us where we sat…

Well, we brought our own – a selection of cheese from this adorable little cheese shop in Newport le Petit Gourmet along with a little dried sausage (for my hubby), and black bean, corn, and avocado salad – delish!

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