Pregnant at the Beach

With the intensity of the heat this summer, my only escape (other than my heavily air conditioned office) has been the beach. We frequent a cozy little beach in Newport, RI during the summer so I knew I would need a great go-to maternity beach get-up. I of course would never go for just some blah, boring maternity bathing suit, so after much research, trial & error, and thought, here is the winning combination…

Cover up:
This was a huge score at Marshall’s – Laundry brand, MSRP $168, I scored it for $19.99. It is not maternity, but plenty flowy enough for me and my baby belly to fit comfortably.

I started the season with an adorable maternity one-piece, but realized I missed the ease of a bikini and once I hit the 5-mos mark of my pregnancy when my belly was truly rounded (and not just chubby looking) I really felt more comfortable in a 2 piece. I ended up with this cute little striped number from Old Navy. Who wants to invest in a bikini that will be stretched out by their growing baby belly? Not me, I spent $12 total on this.

These are not new, but my ray-ban aviators are perfect for the beach.

Sandals (not pictured):
I feel better in a heal while feeling pregnant and big, so I opted for these great wedge Reef flip flops. You get the comfort of a Reef flip flop with an extra 3 inches of height to help elongate your legs.

I also refuse to pay for an expensive beach hat. When my normal wide-brimmed beach bonnet got a few holes in it, I opted this summer to try a cute fedora. White, so it’s summery, big, so I can push it down and help cover my face from the sun. $17 at Old Navy.

See you on the beach!

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