Zac & Martha

I have a season’s pass on our DVR scheduled to record the Martha Stewart show every day. I love it. I get so many ideas from her! I love how she’s so casual and sometimes attitudinal on her show, and she is completely obsessed with J. Crew, almost as much as I am.

So when she had designer Zac Posen on her show the other day, they had great banter about fashion and crafting – I was wishing it wouldn’t end! Zac was on the episode to show Martha how he created ombre pillow cases, sheets, and duvets for a guest bedroom in his apartment that needed new life. Ombre is a shading of color, and the technique produces a fading of one color across the pillowcase, sheet, or whatever. The Prada handbag above is an example of ombre:

The best part about Zac’s technique is that he uses inexpensive, easy to find RIT dye. Honestly, it was a huge commercial for Martha Stewart sheets, but I didn’t care because I love the idea, love how easy it is, and love the look! Can’t wait to buy some white sheets and try it out…

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