Fourth of July Watermelon

Maybe you do this already, but I had a fun brainstorm for patriotic Fourth of July watermelon today! Let me back up… this afternoon we were making some sugar cookies shaped as stars decorated with red, white, and blue sprinkles for a fairly simple afternoon activity in preparation for the Fourth of July weekend coming up. As we were setting the dough to chill in the fridge I saw our giant untouched watermelon waiting to be cut up for a play date tomorrow. Bing! Use the star cookie cutter to make a super festive fruit dessert! It almost doesn’t even warrant a dedicated blog post because there is so little effort involved here. But I decided to pull out the camera anyway, take a few shots, and share my simple idea with you. I mean, what easier way to bring something festive-looking to any Fourth of July soiree you’re attending this weekend, right?


Cut watermelon in slices, at least an inch thick. Use star shaped cookie cutter to cut out shapes.

4th-of-July-Watermelon-1Place on a white tray/plate/serving platter and sprinkle with blueberries for a pop of blue and voila – bringing this Fourth of July watermelon will make you star of the party (see what I did there?).


Ps. You’ll have lots of random pieces leftover, perfect for snacking. Enjoy!

How to Cut A Watermelon

As summer comes to a close and we approach Labor Day Weekend, you must be acting like me and savoring every summer moment as you cram tons more summer activities in the next 2 weeks. That includes eating watermelon! I’ve been cutting my watermelon a special way all summer long that I finally snapped a few photos to finally share with you how to cut a watermelon. This is a particularly good way to serve watermelon to kids because it creates a bit of a handle for them AND allows them to eat most of what they’re holding with not much waste. I served watermelon this way at our recent flamingo party to rave reviews.


Cut your watermelon into rounds and then triangles, as you usually would. Then, make 4 cuts into the rind to create a little stump/handle.


It ends up resembling a little tree, right?


Makes for easy watermelon eating at the beach, enjoy this little trick!

Fresh Watermelon Pops


Summer isn’t over quite yet even though the internet (this blog included) is FULL of fall fashion, back to school, and end of summer everything. Well, it’s still hot has Hades here in MA so I “cooked up” a little refreshing frozen treat for us to eat while it’s still uncomfortably hot! These Fresh Watermelon Pops are so easy to make and can be customized to your taste – you can make them sweeter, mintier, throw in some blueberries – whatever you like! Here’s how I made ours…

fresh-watermelon-pops-4Cube your watermelon and remove all the seeds – this is pretty tedious, but you don’t want the seeds blended into the pops!


fresh-watermelon-pops-3Blend the watermelon in a blender until is liquifies, then pour through a sieve to remove any remaining seed remnants and pulpy clumps.


fresh-watermelon-pops-8Pour the watermelon liquid back into the blender and add any other elements to the pops – I added very finely chopped mint and the juice of one lemon. The watermelon I used was extrememly sweet so I decided to not add any sweetner, but if you do, I recommend either simple syrup or honey.


fresh-watermelon-pops-7Pour the watermelon liquid into your pop molds. We are not fancy and ended up using tiny Dixie cups that I put in a baking pan.


fresh-watermelon-pops-6Freeze for maybe an hour or so until the pops have solidified just a bit.


fresh-watermelon-pops-5Stick your Popsicle sticks in or as I used, lollipop sticks.


fresh-watermelon-pops-2Freeze overnight. When you’re ready to taste, you can just peel the Dixie cup away.