Fourth of July Watermelon

Maybe you do this already, but I had a fun brainstorm for patriotic Fourth of July watermelon today! Let me back up… this afternoon we were making some sugar cookies shaped as stars decorated with red, white, and blue sprinkles for a fairly simple afternoon activity in preparation for the Fourth of July weekend coming up. As we were setting the dough to chill in the fridge I saw our giant untouched watermelon waiting to be cut up for a play date tomorrow. Bing! Use the star cookie cutter to make a super festive fruit dessert! It almost doesn’t even warrant a dedicated blog post because there is so little effort involved here. But I decided to pull out the camera anyway, take a few shots, and share my simple idea with you. I mean, what easier way to bring something festive-looking to any Fourth of July soiree you’re attending this weekend, right?


Cut watermelon in slices, at least an inch thick. Use star shaped cookie cutter to cut out shapes.

4th-of-July-Watermelon-1Place on a white tray/plate/serving platter and sprinkle with blueberries for a pop of blue and voila – bringing this Fourth of July watermelon will make you star of the party (see what I did there?).


Ps. You’ll have lots of random pieces leftover, perfect for snacking. Enjoy!

Fourth of July on Pinterest

I love the Fourth of July – it always makes me feel like summer has really begun, right? And I cannot believe the fourth is a week from Friday. Time to start planning some patriotic projects! Here are some fun Fourth of July ideas from my archives…


What to Wear


Patriotic Ice Cream Cones


fourth of july strawberries

Fourth of July Strawberries

And if you want MORE ideas – I am excited to be a part of a fun Fourth of July Pinning party curated from the ladies at Domestic Bliss Squared. I wanted to share the Board with you in case you’re looking for any creative Patriotic ideas for the fourth – recipes, crafts, and styles ideas. Click here to view – have fun!

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Fourth of July Ice Cream Cones


The Fourth of July is this week?! In my excitement to share recaps of our UK Holiday with you, I almost forgot about the upcoming holiday. Then, I had a few ideas of something to wear and something to make…so I decided to put the second part of my recap on hold until next week and bring you some fun Independence Day ideas…

How will you be spending the Fourth of July this year? I bet with a little backyard BBQ with hamburgers and hot dogs perhaps? Followed by an ice cream cone? You don’t get much more American than that to celebrate our Nation’s Independence!! Well, I thought I’d share this idea I had to make your ice cream cone be a little more patriotic. And don’t worry, I know the Fourth is tomorrow – this DIY is super simple and comes out super cute in red, white, and blue.


You will need: ice cream cones, white chocolate chips, colorful sprinkles in red, white, and blue, and a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper or Martha Wrap.



Melt your chocolate chips – white chocolate melts differently than regular chocolate, so I suggest melting it over a double boiler. If your white chocolate gets too hot, it will harden and become unworkable. Don’t fret (and don’t throw it away!) just add more chips and stir, the new chips will simultaneously melt and cool the chocolate.  Once the chocolate is melted, use a spatula to “paint” a thin layer around the top of the cone.



Sprinkle with your red, white, and blue sprinkles.



To make a flag that you see in the top photo: pour blue sprinkles in a pretty wide stripe. Then pour your red sprinkles as stripes on the rest of the chocolate. Use white star sprinkles with chocolate on the back to stick to the blue sprinkled area.



Allow your cones to dry overnight before you use.  These would be especially good with homemade ice cream like this blueberry ice cream – enjoy!