Smiley Face Cookies


To cap off M’s first birthday (see his smiley face birthday party here), we brought some party decor and smiley face cookies to our usual Friday Baby Bootcamp class and celebrated with his tiny friends. We had a couple of balloons, some bubbles, a few stickers, and best of all – cookies! It would’ve been easiest to just decorate round cookies with icing to make a smiley face, but since we were at a park and celebrating with very young friends I thought it best to leave off the messy, sugary frosting, here’s how I made them instead…


I made my usual Martha Stewart sugar cookie recipe and cut into circles using a 3″ round cookie cutter.


Using a straw I cut eyes into the face and used a paring knife to make a smile.


Then I filled the eyes with chocolate sprinkles and pressed the sprinkles into the mouth shape and baked as directed.


Cutest smiley face cookies I’ve ever seen!

Lucky Pot of Gold St. Patrick’s Day Cookies


If you’re looking for an easy way to whip up a special dessert for St. Patrick’s Day next week – making these Lucky Pot of Gold cookies is how! My Z asks to bake cookies for every holiday no matter what we’re celebrating, like I’m going to have to buy a tree-shaped cookie cutter for Arbor Day. Sometimes we make Rice Krispie treats instead (examples for Valentine’s Day and Easter) but this time I decided to jazz up a classic and add some M&Ms to our favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe. But the trick here is to make your cookies into Lucky Pot of Gold cookies by decorating most of the cookies in green M&Ms and just a couple with yellow M&Ms. Whoever picks the one with the yellow M&Ms gets the luck! Cute, right? Easy, yes!


I made the recipe as written (using chocolate chunks instead of chips, though) and then added the M&Ms to the top of the scooped cookie dough before baking to make the colors obvious. You could mix the M&Ms into the batter if you want a more discrete look for finding the Lucky Pot of Gold (yellow M&M) cookie, just take out enough batter for 2 or 3 cookies before mixing in the green M&Ms and use that to mix with the yellow M&Ms.


Good luck picking your cookie and enjoy!

PS. A great DIY t-shirt idea and free printable to make your own iron-on St. Patrick’s Day shirt!

Vanilla Bean Sable Cookies


It’s late August, do you know what that means? In our house it means someone’s birthday is just about 2 months away and I start brainstorming her birthday party! And this year she’s turning —- 2, 2! 2 sounds so grown up. I can’t believe she is so big…sigh.  Back to the party though – our Z isn’t really into sweets so I was thinking of a less-sweet cookie for her to serve alongside a birthday cake.

I don’t know about you, but I love a slightly sweet, slightly salty, buttery cookie and, as suspected, so does my Z. I saw this recipe for Vanilla-Bean Sable Cookies on Pinterest recently and knew we had to try them out. I made a batch last week for a trial run and they came out great so I wanted to share with you.


I followed the recipe to a T including making the vanilla sugar…



Mixing the butter with sugars and egg yolk…



And rolling the dough into logs and fridge-ing overnight.



Then, I did my own décor and rolled the dough in colorful non-pareils. Coat the chilled dough in egg wash and roll it in your choice of sprinkle or sanding sugar (as the original recipe calls for).



Cut, bake….






Aren’t these cute? And perfect for a second birthday party!