Lucky Pot of Gold St. Patrick’s Day Cookies


If you’re looking for an easy way to whip up a special dessert for St. Patrick’s Day next week – making these Lucky Pot of Gold cookies is how! My Z asks to bake cookies for every holiday no matter what we’re celebrating, like I’m going to have to buy a tree-shaped cookie cutter for Arbor Day. Sometimes we make Rice Krispie treats instead (examples for Valentine’s Day and Easter) but this time I decided to jazz up a classic and add some M&Ms to our favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe. But the trick here is to make your cookies into Lucky Pot of Gold cookies by decorating most of the cookies in green M&Ms and just a couple with yellow M&Ms. Whoever picks the one with the yellow M&Ms gets the luck! Cute, right? Easy, yes!


I made the recipe as written (using chocolate chunks instead of chips, though) and then added the M&Ms to the top of the scooped cookie dough before baking to make the colors obvious. You could mix the M&Ms into the batter if you want a more discrete look for finding the Lucky Pot of Gold (yellow M&M) cookie, just take out enough batter for 2 or 3 cookies before mixing in the green M&Ms and use that to mix with the yellow M&Ms.


Good luck picking your cookie and enjoy!

PS. A great DIY t-shirt idea and free printable to make your own iron-on St. Patrick’s Day shirt!

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