Alpine Lace Deli Cheese PARTY

Yes, the title of this post is correct! I was thrilled when Alpine Lace Deli Cheese invited me to a fun soiree Monday to dine, dance, and discover – let me tell you about my night!

photo 1

First, we arrived and the party was held on the 17th floor of the Taj in Boston – the weather was perfect and therefore so was the view, can you believe this?

photo 4

The event was hosted by Olympic figure skating gold medalist Kristi Yamaguchi, who is the brand’s new spokesperson – it was so fun to meet her! She has two daughters herself and we chatted about balancing a busy, healthy lifestyle – no easy task!

photo 3 (3)
Then it was time to dine! Alpine Lace flew in their test kitchen perfect pairings expert who put out the most delicious items to pair with their Swiss cheese – from apples to prosciutto to fig jam to chocolate, she had all the pairings covered. They even had wine to sample, but alas, I had to skip that part. I have to say my favorite is pictured above – the tomato jam with a sprinkle of fresh basil, just perfect with the Swiss cheese!


And then – we learned to dance, specifically the rumba. I know, it sounds random – but this event was all about balancing your #lifeingredients and as Kristi was just on Dancing with the Stars, she shared what a great way it is to stay fit. It may not have been the prettiest sight seeing an extremely pregnant momma (me) trying to rumba on the dance floor, but it sure was fun and now I know how to do a basic box step dance!

photo 1 (2)

Thanks for having me Alpine Lace – it was a fun night, and certainly a treat to have a dinner of cheese with amazing pairings!

Ham & Cheese Panini with Alpine Lace Reduced Fat Swiss Cheese


I love sandwiches. One of the hardest parts of being pregnant for me is not being able to eat a cold-cut sandwich. And sometimes you need a nice sandwich to really fuel your day, right?! Well, when you’re pregnant, they say you can microwave your cold-cuts and then make them into a sandwich…but let’s be honest, once a cold-cut is warm the whole sandwich needs to be warm. Enter the panini.


We decided to make ham & cheese paninis the other night for dinner and used Alpine Lace Reduced Fat Swiss Cheese for the cheese portion of this delicious sandwich.


To make the perfect ham & cheese panini (whether you’re pregnant or not) you need: ham, Alpine Lace Reduced Fat Swiss Cheese, dijon mustard, and a nice bread – we used fresh ciabatta.


Assemble your sammy (don’t forget to mic the ham if you’re pregnant!) including a nice spread of mustard…and press. We use a hot grill pan and put the sammies under a heavy sandwich press.


Look at that…and the melty cheese, so good!


We had this for dinner with a side of broccoli slaw. The Alpine Lace Reduced Fat Swiss Cheese was the perfect cheese for this panini! My life has many ingredients – one of my favorites? Alpine Lace® Deli Cheese. Visit Alpine Lace® Swiss Cheese to create a personalized nutrition label outlining your own recommended daily allowance of happiness! Here’s mine… Update: Like Alpine Lace on Facebook for more recipes and snack inspirations!


*Disclaimer: I received compensation and goods for this post, however all above opinions and thoughts are my very own and I truly adore cheese!