Behemoth Bouquet

We went to my cousin’s wedding last weekend up in the North Shore.

It was lovely – ceremony overlooking the ocean, cocktail hour outside, reception in an open air tent. Perfect summer night, not too hot, not too cool…
At the end of the night we realized the DJ never played a game or had a contest to determine who would go home with the table centerpieces, so one of our table-mates took ours and we took the one at the next table.
The one at our table was a traditional, petite centerpiece. The one at the next table was a nearly 5-foot monstrosity that when disassembled took up the trunk of our SUV. HUGE!
The next morning, as I saw that the centerpiece took up the entire top of the island in our kitchen, I realized I should disassemble the centerpiece into many arrangements throughout our house.
Here are a few…

Dining Room Table

Living Room


Living Room

These decorative twigs were sticking straight up out of the original centerpiece, actually making it taller than my 5-foot disclaimer above. I turned them along with the tall vase into a permanent installation in an otherwise dead space in our living room.

This behemoth bouquet was the best “wedding favor” I’ve ever received.

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