12 Days of Christmas Tops, day 10


12 Days of Christmas Tops, day 10: Not every party calls for sequins and glitter so today’s top is perfect for a casual get together or afternoon decorating the tree with your family. I love this Wildfox Rockin Around tee from Bloomingdales.  Adorable, comfy, and super festive.

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12 Days of Christmas Tops, day 9


12 Days of Christmas Tops, day 9: This stripe sequin top from kate spade is perfect! It mimics a candy cane in the most adorable way. Full disclosure, I don’t usually like to post things i wouldn’t actually buy myself (and at nearly $500 I will not be adding this to my wardrobe) but sometimes it’s fun to just get inspiration from a piece of clothing and hunt around for a less expensive version somewhere else.

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Toddler Craft Project – Salt Dough Ornaments


I’ve continued to do our monthly toddler crafts with my local Baby Bootcamp franchise (past projects here) but I have been terrible about blogging and sharing them. But this month’s salt dough ornaments are so cute I just had to share!! I thought it would be fun for each kid to make a keepsake item for their family or to give as a gift this season and decided salt dough ornaments was the perfect idea. Salt dough is easy to make; it’s just a 2 to 1 to 1 ratio of flour to salt to warm water. You mix all the ingredients until a dough is formed and then roll out and cut into shapes as you would cookies. (Official recipe: 2C flour, 1C salt, 1C warm water. Whisk flour and salt. Add water slowly while mixing. Kneed dough for 10 minutes).


You can use cookie cutters or free hand shapes – we shaped letters by rolling the dough into a snake shape and molding into letters. It’s also a cute idea to create a flat ball and get a hand or footprint of your child too. Note – if your end result is an ornament you’ll want to use a straw to make a hole in it at this point too to string and hang later.


Once your shapes are created you want to bake the dough low and slow (low oven temp, long cook time). For this dough that was about 1/8″ thick it was about an hour and a half of baking at 200 degrees. You don’t want to make the oven any hotter or the dough will brown.


Once out of the oven and cooled it’s time to decorate! You can draw with marker or get really into it (as we did here) and use acrylic paint and glue with sparkles. Be creative! These are great as gifts to grandparents but also as a gift tag on a present for someone like a teacher or friend.


Once paint and/or glitter has dried, seal with spray clear acrylic sealer. Salt dough ornaments are the perfect afternoon activity for your toddler or preschooler to keep them busy during these over-excited weeks leading up to Christmas!

12 Days of Christmas Tops, day 7


12 Days of Christmas Tops, day 7: The red of this Long Sleeve Side Split Top from Topshop just screams Christmas to me, right? This top is perfect towards the end of the season when you’ve maybe had a few too many Christmas cookies and a few too many cups of eggnog – there is room to spare in this breezy red top!

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12 Days of Christmas Tops, day 6


12 Days of Christmas Tops, day 6: The Textured Silk Wrap Blouse from Boden in “damson” color (a purple/red) is such a great and unique-looking top for Christmas events this season. Like most of the tops I’ve shared you could dress this up or down depending on what pants you pair with it.

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12 Days of Christmas Tops, day 5


12 Days of Christmas Tops, day 5: This French Connection Million Stars Embellishment shirt from ASOS just screams Christmas top to me. I love the navy, the gold stars, the sheer parts of the shirt, I love it all. I would wear this with cream pants and gold strappy shoes for an unbelievable Christmas outfit.

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12 Days of Christmas Tops, day 4


12 Days of Christmas Tops, day 4: This Lace peplum top from Zara is sort of the lace top of all lace tops (and I searched a TON of lace tops). The goal of a modern lace top is to look delicate without being matronly – and this is honestly the edgiest lace top I’ve ever seen, love it. With a black pencil skit and heals you’d be wearing a pretty killer Christmas outfit.

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