Family Photo Season

From Inspiration Board….
… to Family Photo

Today we talk about family photo sessions! Getting your family to appear in cohesive looks without being totally “matchy patchy” and skipping the boring, tired “navy top, white bottom” look is challenging. I wanted to share my family photo session from the summer. We took these pictures with my extended family where my mother (whose birthday was the reason for the photos!) was wearing her signature favorite orange. I picked a soft mint green to compliment the orange as well as standards white and navy and based everyone’s looks off this color palette. When choosing outfits, solid colors work as well as incorporating very subdued patterns. Here you can see I wore a simple stripe, my daughter wore a soft floral and my husband popped with his orange floral. You can also see I did a last minute change for my son, instead of an orange top and navy bottom just like dad (as in my inspiration board), he wore the opposite to spread the color palette out a bit.

All of this to say you know you’ll LOVE your family photos because it’s capturing a moment in time of your favorite people smiling! But it sure is icing on the cake to have coordinating looks.

I can help choose looks for your family photo session this fall – drop me a note at jess @ to get started or complete my online style profile. Remember this is a complimentary service to you! I work with Fritz & Gigi and CouCou Boston to choose the perfect look for your children and can make recommendations for adult looks to coordinate.

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