As summer is winding down I thought I’d pull together a post of a few things we’ve been up to and a few finds I’d love to share with you.


I totally love the look of Karen Walker sunglasses but loathe the price point. I spent a pretty penny on my every day Maui Jim sunglasses and don’t feel like dropping another $300 on fad-sunglasses. So! I did tons of research and found some pretty great cheap-o sunglasses (and on Amazon Prime no less!) that fit the bill of the Karen Walker look. I got the beige and they’re a really great knock-off – sorry Karen Walker but you’re welcome to anyone who was looking for a faux pair.


The much awaited u-pick raspberry season has begun at the farm around the corner from our house! We went opening day with some little friends.


I was wanting more from my concealer than my $8 tube of Cover Girl concealer was giving me so I went on the hunt! I saw this post by Kallie and happened to be headed to Nordstrom that day to return something. I went over to the Nars counter (I use their foundation so just knew their concealer would be a good fit for me) and got some help from the technician deciding which color of the Radiant Creamy Concealer would be best for my coloring. We were in and out (yes I had the kids and thankfully the technician was quick AND they had those high make-up counter seats that the kids were obsessed with sitting on) and I was on my way to better concealing the darker circles under my eyes. I tell you – even my husband noticed a brightening of my eyes the next day when I  was wearing it (and he doesn’t notice much, ha!). I am so sold. Buy this concealer. It goes on well, lasts the day, and doesn’t seem to settle into creases (ok, wrinkles!) at all. Worth the more than 3x the amount I’m paying over my old Cover Girl tube.


I’ve been addicted to the $1.99 tulips at Trader Joe’s and I love when they get droopy!


Z has been particularly into necklaces lately so I’ve been trying my hand at a few DIY ones. Here’s the little pink flamingo necklace I made her. I won’t bore you with the DIY but if you want one let me know, it came out so cute! She’s asked for a giraffe next…

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