Four years ago when I was pregnant with Z I started making big decisions for her (as all parents do): figuring out how I would feed her, what diapers to buy, which onesies she’d wear, how I’d decorate her nursery, etc… It was at this point I started hearing from other moms about special laundry detergents to use to wash babies’ clothes that are free from dyes and harsh scents that could aggravate young skin. Then I realized the detergent we’d been using for years would be perfect for our babies’ skin – all free clear.

all-free-clear-1All free clear is recommended by dermatologists, allergists, and pediatricians for sensitive skin, which I didn’t even know until I was researching before I had Z – we just used all free clear because it made our clothes nice and clean and didn’t have any harsh, artificial smells.


All free clear has a new campaign #freetobe and I was so glad they reached out to have me be a part of it because we’ve always been fans of this laundry detergent. And now we are #freetobe ourselves without worrying about our clothes or our laundry routine.

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