Happy 2015!


Happy New Year, all! A new year is always bittersweet: the end of the holidays (bitter) but the start of a brand new year (sweet)! It’s the start of when the weather gets realllly cold around here in the Northeast (bitter) but also when the ski season starts getting good (sweet)! And the sweetest part of all? It’s time for new calendars and day planners! I’ve been a nerd for notebooks, pens, and other such office supplies for my entire life so it really makes me happy to crack open a new date book every January and start anew. Ever since becoming a mom I felt it appropriate to use a momAgenda and I LOVE these planners. This year, though, I mistakenly bought a momAgenda that runs August, 2014 through August, 2015 (oops, I wondered why it was half price!) so I guess I’ll get to have the excitement of a new planner at the end of the summer this year, too! And in case you think I’m super old fashioned I also maintain a Google calendar that I share with my hubs so we know what we’re both up to.

In terms of resolutions, I’ve never been into them, rather, if something in my life isn’t working I like to change it as I go rather than wait for a new year to start. But, this year, it just so happens that I was in the midst of still losing my baby weight while simultaneously going a bit hog wild at the end of December in terms of cookies, more cookies, and even some cinnamon rolls. So – back to eating healthy for me! In fact, I got one of those Jawbone UP bracelets for Christmas and I just love tracking my calories out/calories in. It also tracks your sleep and it turns out I’m way more well rested than I thought (don’t tell my kids, I’d still love them to sleep til 7am). It also turns out I’m a weekend eater where I’m really good during the week and then things get nutty all weekend, re: wine, dinners out, impromptu cupcakes, etc… so I guess my goal is to get control of my weekend eating.

Any resolutions for you this year?

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