‘Tis the Season (Major Photo Share of “Us Lately”)

I’ve always loved the Christmas season but it’s been especially awesome this year having a super overexcited toddler around. Z got Christmas last year but more as things were happening, there wasn’t the anticipation and excitement that there seems to be this year. Now, I’m writing this post when the excitement has hit such a crescendo that she is wearing her “Kissmas” dress at all times, she can hardly sleep with excitement, and has eaten so many cookies that she forgets what vegetables taste like (we are READY for Christmas, if you know what I mean…) but I had to share some of the fun things we did to make this month just fly by, I can’t believe it’s Christmas Eve already!


Buying and decorating the Christmas tree and then hanging Z’s first homemade ornament, it smells like cinnamon, too!


Christmas cookies, round I with Hershey’s kisses courtesy of Influenster (thank you!).


Christmas sangria at a mom’s night out party.


We made our favorite gingerbread house kit (actually it’s a ski chalet).


Christmas manicures (chubby toddler hands are my favorite).


Christmas crafting to make out marshmallow snowmen.


Meeting one of Santa’s reindeer at Zoolights.


Christmas cookies, round II.


The coat and muff that my sister wore, I wore, my niece wore, and now Z can wear – she has named it the Christmas coat!


And – the big highlight of the season – SANTA! Z loved him, M wasn’t so sure…yet!


Thank you for reading, supporting, and (hopefully) enjoying this little blog of mine this year. I’m working on a big “best of 2014” post to end the year. Merry Christmas everyone!

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