Dunwello Review Site

Right before I married my husband 6 1/2 years ago I got some troubling news. My beloved hair stylist was moving back to his native Brazil! I was happy for him but I was so annoyed – finding a new hair stylist that you trust is so HARD (I know, first world problems, but stay with me). So, I started my search and got some interesting cuts along the way. Then I found the Dellaria salon in Lexington, MA – I’ve always found Dellaria salons to be reasonably priced, conveniently located, and have pretty good stylists. I made an appointment, crossed my fingers, and got a haircut…. that I hated. Uch. 3 months later I needed another cut in a desperate way so I called the same salon and asked for someone else and luckily Lauren Nealon had an appointment at the time I was looking to come in. And well, that was like 5 or 6 years ago and I’ve been going back to her ever since!


But now, anyone searching for a service provider has it so. much. easier! Enter Dunwello – the new review site for almost any service professional you can think of. From your masseuse, to your trusted cobbler, to the web developer who designed your site. It’s really hard to start from scratch when looking for a service professional and as I did with my hair stylist search, you can waste so much money and time until you find “the one.” Check out my reviews of my hair stylist Lauren as well as my favorite barre teacher and our fabulous financial advisor! If you’re looking for services check out Dunwello first to get the real scoop on who’s great. And do your fellow humans a favor and review your own hair stylist, manicurist, and all those people who you’d love to recommend to others.

Thanks Dunwello for putting this all in one place!

*This post was done in partnership with Dunwello but all thoughts and opinions are my very own. This site really is so convenient when looking for a new service profesh.

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