Couple Things…


We were a little early to the airport for our flight home from Scotland on Sunday afternoon so we tried on a million pairs of silly sunglasses.

We took home a cookie from the wedding for this girl – it had purple icing and a bow, she was the happiest!

Showing off the tartan tie we found in a shop in Stirling that my husband ended up wearing to the wedding (it just so happened to match the suit and shirt we brought, fun!)

In case you missed it on Instagram, we got baby M a cute/ridiculous onesie from Scotland as a souvenir.


Not many photos this week! We spent some time getting back into our weekly groove after our long weekend in Scotland. My husband kept claiming to have slight jet lag from the trip but I seemed to escape it. Or maybe it’s because I’m used to odd sleeping hours, or maybe it’s his new creative way of getting out of feeding M in the middle of the night – who knows. Anyway, I hope you have a great fall-y weekend – we’re picking pumpkins and going to an Oktoberfest!

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