The Most Beautiful Country in all the Land…

As I mentioned on Friday, we went to Scotland over the weekend! I know, not your normal destination for a long weekend but when 2 of your favorite people get married in Scotland and you have 2 small kids staying with their grandparents (1 very small kid), 4 days is all you really get. But they were an awesome 4 days so of course I wanted to share some photos here on the blog.


The weekend started with a bang when after an overnight flight to Glasgow, Scotland and an afternoon of touring the city I ended up sleeping for 10 HOURS STRAIGHT! I haven’t slept through the night in months, maybe a year? Ya know, pregnancy followed by infancy does not bode well for sleeping…


We started our first full day in Scotland with what else – a full Scottish breakfast!


We decided to rent a car so that we’d have time to do some touristy things and see more of Scotland before the events of the wedding began. Friday we drove to tour Linlithgow Palace famed for being the castle where Mary Queen of Scots was born. It was amazing and HUGE! As with many castles in Scotland it was burned in a fire but the skeleton of the castle remains for us to see. In the first photo above I am standing in the Great Hall of the castle holding an umbrella because there isn’t a roof anymore. It was raining but just lightly and I always think a light rain is fitting for Scotland, no?


Then we drove to Stirling where the wedding would be, checked in, saw friends, and went to the rehearsal dinner – yum! The haggis app was actually spectacular. The next morning we had some time to kill before the ladies and I had blow-out appointments so my husband and I got back in the car and drove to the Wallace Monument commemorating William Wallace. It was lovely from the outside with incredible views of Stirling! Once inside you climb a narrow and steep staircase to the top with rooms on each floor you to pass through with historical information. Unfortunately I had a little claustrophobia set in and didn’t make the climb past the first floor, but my husband said the views from the top were great.


And then it was wedding time! We had a blast celebrating the couple in a traditional Scottish ceremony at the amazing Stirling Castle – I had to do a selfie with the view, although my fabulous blown-out/curly hair and beaded dress sort of took over the whole picture. Anyway, here are some highlights…


Being greeted by a bagpiper.


Drinking Scotch from a quaich during the ceremony.


Cocktail hour with armor.


The Great Hall where the reception was held where the food was delish, the drinks flowed, and we danced for 4 hours straight – I was actually sore the next day!


After one last castle visit Sunday afternoon to Bothwell Castle, we boarded our flight and came home. It was a whirlwind but such a blast, I literally can’t stop thinking about how much fun we had. Congrats to A&E and thank you so much for having us!

Ps. I certainly missed my babies but they had the time of their lives with their grandparents – we all came home happy and refreshed from our own travels but glad to be home.

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