Couple Things…


She did it, my little Z started school. On Monday, there was a little open house to meet the teachers, check out where your cubby is, and see your classroom. I should have known the first day drop-off would be rough as she was saying “I no go school” all Monday morning long, uh oh. But we went, she had fun with the toys and I chatted with her teachers. Then the next day was the first day. She woke up in a mood and once her first day of school outfit was on she refused to let me take pictures, erupting in tears. I let her take over saying we’d go wherever she wanted to take pictures and she opted for our front yard. Then we got to school and the little arm wrapped around my leg and her little voice kept saying “you go school too, mommy. You stay.” Eek. When I told her I was dropping her off it was tears, crying, screaming. One of her teachers came and showed her the play kitchen with play hot dogs and play spaghetti (nothing better!) to take the edge off and then baby M and I made a run for it.

Pick up was a reunion as if we hadn’t seen each other in years and I don’t think she’s ever hugged me so tight with a smile so big.  And 2 days later she went back for her second day with nothing but smiles. Phew!

In other news….


We squeezed in 1 last beach day with friends.

Our sweet M was baptized, these are flowers from his Godmother.

Proof how great it is to be a toddler – sitting on the coffee table, wearing the dress I bought for her to wear on Christmas (it came in the mail that day and she just had to try it on), reading a catalog of Halloween costumes over and over again…

Baby M doing tummy time with his new lovey (the white one) which is sitting with Z’s old lovey (the pink one) that she got at 6 mos old and was never interested in until 2 days ago when M received a lovey in the mail as a baptism gift. Typical.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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