DIY Pompom Shirt


Pompoms have been everywhere this summer as the latest adornment to regular old shirts, dresses, even shorts. I have a cute dress from crewcuts I’ve been wearing recently with pompoms around the armholes, a cute texture to the dress that I love. Well, someone else in this house has taken a liking to pompoms on clothes – I bet you can guess who! Her first day of school skirt has mini pompoms lining the bottom but other than that, we couldn’t find too many items in her size when we did her back to school shopping. So! As any crafty mom would, I decided we’d make our own.


After stopping into Old Navy for a t shirt (I found this striped one for 50% off) Z, a sleeping M, and I popped into JoAnn’s to get our supplies – they had quite a few pompom color options.


To make your own pompom adorned clothing item you will need: a shirt (or whatever you want to add pompoms to), pins, needle & thread, and the pompoms. I added a little yellow ribbon to Z’s shirt for more color, too.

diy-pompom-shirt-3Start by pinning your pompom strip to the inside seem of the shirt, then sew. I hand sewed Z’s shirt because I’m a mess with my sewing machine and it was easier for me to hand sew.


I sewed a stripe of yellow ribbon to the back and cuffed the sleeves so now they’re 3/4″ with yellow ribbon trim, too.


Here’s the back, so cute and pretty simple to do!

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