Summer of Us – Walden Pond


Walden Pond was made famous as the home to Ralph Waldo Emerson and even more famous by the words of Henry David Thoreau. I’ve visited the area before but I’ve always wanted to go to Walden Pond in the summer to swim and beach. Walden Pond Reservation has a capacity of 1,000 visitors at a time which includes all areas (hiking, beaching, picnicing, etc…) so it’s tough to go on weekends because as soon as the parking lot fills up (around 10 or 11am in the summer) they close it – ugh! So this made the top of our list of things to do this summer while we could go mid-week when it’s less crowded.


We packed a lunch and some beach toys and went for the entire morning – it’s beautiful there!


The water is so calm and perfect for little kids (as I had heard from friends that go regularly). And there was a good amount of shade for this little guy and me. Ps. I’m wearing a J. Crew rash guard, the perfect postpartum bathing suit top!


A few notes if you go this summer:
– Parking us just $5.
– There is a little ice cream truck that sells hot dogs, soda, and ice cream but that’s it. I suggest bringing food.
– It gets crowded even on weekdays during the summer check their twitter feed for up-to-date capacity closings. They will post when they’ve closed parking as well as when they’ll re-open (usually 3 or 4 hours later).

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