Couple Things…


We made the most amazing blueberry buttermilk muffins over the weekend, you have to try this Ina Garten recipe.

Z likes to join us as we read the Sunday paper – she is perusing the Toys R Us ad here.

This little girl is always up for shopping!

A close-up of the “Tickle Monster” print we’re going to hang in the baby’s nursery.

I always remember my mom putting little vases of lilies of the valley on the windowsill growing up so I decided to do the same now that we have them growing in our yard.

She can’t help but try on shoes at any store that has shoes out (as seen here as well). She does always have good taste though, these striped wedges are perfect for summer.


Have a great weekend – we’ll just be sitting around waiting for this baby to arrive!

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