What Z Said, part ii


Since I got such fun feedback from my last What Z Said post, I thought I’d put together another because Lord knows she is full of saying funny things right now!

When asked how old she is, Z replies “I two half.”

After her bath she runs around in her hooded towel pretending to be a superhero only she yells “I super…I super…I super!”

I confirmed with you yesterday that we’re having a baby boy! Z understood this (as much as she can) until a couple months ago she changed her mind and started saying “Baby sistah” when we was asked what kind of baby we’re having…uh-oh!

She seems to be using my dad as a scapegoat these days. When she does something I have told her not to do she says “Papa likes it.” For example…in our backyard, there is a rule to keep the sand IN the sandbox. She was taking small cups of sand and walking across the yard and pouring them out. I said “Z, sand stays IN the sandbox.” And she replied while pointing her finger at me “Papa likes it!” Well then…

And yes, in the photo above she is reading her baby doll a French dictionary. That’s my girl!

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