The Yoplait Greek 100 Taste Off


Who doesn’t love Greek yogurt? I kind of live on it – the perfect quick-fix, high protein, and satisfying snack when you’re on the go. When Yoplait offered me the opportunity to participate in their Greek 100 Taste Test by asking me to sample Yoplait Greek 100 Strawberry and Chobani Simply 100 Strawberry, I was excited to try some new brands! We did an official “blind taste test” because, why not take it seriously and ask your family  to wear blindfolds, take pictures of them, and share on your blog – right?



Yoplait Greek 100 was the clear winner in this household – all but one taste-tester picked Yoplait as their favorite! In a national taste test, Yoplait® Greek 100 Strawberry also beat Chobani® Simply 100™ Strawberry”. Have you taken the Yoplait Greek 100 Strawberry Taste-Off challenge yet? Click here to take the challenge, then leave a comment below letting me know your results!.

*Disclaimer: I received compensation and goods for this post, however all above opinions, thoughts, and taste-test results are my very own.

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