I thought I would share a few pics of our Easter Sunday because we had such a nice day, you don’t mind, do you?


We woke up nice and early for Easter Egg Hunt #1 (of 3). Our Z got really into it, looking for, as she calls them – eggies!


And then we moved on to make the most delicious carrot cake donuts – you must try this recipe from The Faux Martha.


We decorated our egg tree with our dyed eggs – Z put the stickers on the eggs herself!


Then we dashed off to egg hunt #2 (of 3) at our Church. We got there about 2 minutes late…but luckily one of the organizers saw this little pout and threw a couple extra eggs down for our Z to “hunt.”


Then it was a quick nap in the car and arrival at my sister’s country club for hunt #3 (of 3) and a delicious brunch! I hope you had a great day whether you egg hunted or not!

Ps. I can’t believe this was our Z last Easter – time flies!

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